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Henrik Berthelsen


Henrik Berthelsen is a Copenhagen Based Service producer with experinece in the Feature film, TV series and Advertising industry since 1996. The first 3 years of his career, his main focus was on feature films, and in 2001 he graduated from the independant filmschool Super16 and the EAVE Producer Program.
After graduating, Henrik have worked on several hundred  commercials, and more than 25 Feature films and TV series, which all together have given him a wide knowledge and platform for how to produce films and a  international network.

In 2005, Henrik Berthelsen established Filmloc, that have been delivering locations and productionservice to the film insurtsy in Denmark, while he in the same time have worked as feeelance
Lineproducer and producer for some of the leading advertising companies and production companies. In 2015, Henrik joined Copenhagen Production service as partner and producer, where he will continue what he love most - producing film

Christian Ryge


Christian Ryge was born in 1974 in Odense, Denmark. In 1995 he Educated from Copenhagen Business School with special in Logistic before he joined Torm Tankers. While working in the shipping industry, he was involved in opening and running several large restaurants and venues in Copenhagen, before he joined the Danish film industry in 2000

Christian have mainly worked in the advertising business with numerous huge productions on his résumé. He have also been involved in several feature films, as well as many large scale fashion and advertorial still shoots for international clients both in Denmark and abroad.
Besides producing in Scandinavia, Christian have over a long period had great experience in shooting abroad for Danish clients, which have given him a great experience in how the servicing industry work from a client’s perspective.
From 2007 to 2012 Christian was living in Paris, where he started the production and service company  Le Grand Danois, while at the same time working on various productions in Denmark.
In 2012 He returned to Denmark, where he started Copenhagen Production Service, which in 2014 became a part of GPN, one of the largest productin Service networks in the world. Between 2016 nd 2018,, Christian lived and worked as freelance producer in Dubai, gaining experience in the middle eastern marked.